Beautiful lake view perfect with mountain ranges in the back and boats on the water


Boccaccio’s mission:

Bettaso is a place defined by our main philosophy. Which is to keep things simple, tasty and create a home-like cozy atmosphere for our Restaurant’s visitors.

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What a wonderful view from this place inside or out. Really enjoyable dining and great food. I love this place. Great service always. – Google Review

Lakeview from the restaurant's edge, boats cruising along the water

Pleasing our customers since 1968

At Boccaccio’s restaurant, we offer guests a unique experience. We serve a classic, traditional menu celebrating the cuisine that defines fine dining — choice Steaks, Veal, Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail (and Baked Alaska for dessert!), along with classic Continental favorites including an array of savory pasta dishes.

Each bite is enhanced by our serene setting at Westlake Lake, a private lake nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounded by elegant residences. Locals often arrive by sailboat for a special lunch or romantic sunset supper at Boccaccio’s, and viewing the docks, boats and waterfront make every meal here truly an experience to remember.

Our menu resonates across three generations of guests as one of the family’s favorite places to eat. Boccaccio’s restaurant was created by restaurateur and hospitality consultant Victor H. Colucci, who grew up in Chicago and lived and worked in New York City as well as Los Angeles. As Westlake Village developed, Mr. Colucci saw the opportunity to bring a sophisticated dining ambiance to the newly emerging community—a taste of the big city in a spectacular natural setting, offering happy hour, outdoor dining and an easygoing steakhouse atmosphere. The founder’s original vision, including family-pleasing Italian-American dishes, now draws guests from all over California, and far beyond.

Our stunning lakefront setting, along with our reputation for fine food and outstanding customer service, make Boccaccio’s a prime location for special occasions including weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and retirements. We offer seven dining areas which may be booked for corporate events as well as personal parties. For major holidays, we feature special menus and décor, and we happily welcome many families who make Boccaccio’s a part of their annual celebrations as they have for decades.

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