Westlake family restaurant

Westlake family restaurant

If going out to dinner with your family is usually a cumbersome activity because everyone wants to eat something different and the little ones are up and down, and this always leads them to end up in the fast food area… Forget about that! What you need is a fine dining restaurant near Westlake Village where you can find not only delicious dishes, but also the perfect family atmosphere to spend a nice time, you need to visit Boccaccio’s.

But how do you know if we are your best choice among all the Westlake Village restaurants? Listed below are the characteristics that we meet as the ideal restaurant that fits your family’s needs, take them into consideration when you’re trying to Find dining restaurants in Westlake Village!

Accessible location

There may be different restaurants on the outskirts of the city with a good culinary proposal, but if they are more than 30 minutes away and not so easy to get to; it is better to opt for one that is located within the main roads, so you will not have to undertake a long and tedious journey to other areas of Westlake.

High customer service

One of the most important points for any diner is the attention he/she receives in the restaurant from the moment he/she arrives until he/she leaves. Rate the speed, quality and ambiance. We have these three qualities within our service because our priority is to offer the best attention to our customers, which has made us one of the best restaurants in Westlake Village.

Varied Menu

A wide menu is always a good choice because it adapts to the demands of all those who sit at our tables. That is why our menu offers the widest variety of Italian dishes such as desserts, red and white meats, coffees, wines, among others.

Recreation area by the lake

A recreation area is perfect if you are looking to share and have fun with your family. Also, the little ones of the house will enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why Boccaccio’s offers an area next to Westlake Lake with one of the best views in town.

A place for love

When it comes to romantic restaurants in Westlake Village CA, Boccaccio’s has spaces where you can be with your partner and family at the same time. If you want to make your marital union known, this is the ideal place.



Visit Boccaccio’s!

If you are wondering what to do with my family on my day off, visit us and let our Italian food restaurant with variety in space conquer your palate with the wide variety of dishes that are a true delicacy.

Besides, with the excellent service we provide, you will surely want to come back more than once.

Why look for more options, if you already have the best here, Boccaccio’s! Where quality and flavor come together to please every member of your family. Meet our location in Westlake Village, CA 91361 where young and old will enjoy a very pleasant experience.

Make your reservation through +1 818-889-8300 or send an email to info@boccacciosrestaurant.com, there you can schedule the day and time that you will meet in one of the best places to eat in Westlake. Surprise your family with this exquisite culinary proposal!

Westlake family restaurant